OCDS of the California-Arizona Province of St. Joseph


Formation Uniform Guidelines

Complete PDF file of all listed below (updated 2017)


i-ii        Introductory Letter

iii         Acknowledgments

v-vi      Table of Contents

1          Mission Statement

2          Climbing the Mount in Response to God’s Call to Carmel

4          Specifics for All Stages of Formation

9          Stages of Formation - Definitions

11                Aspirancy

14                Formation I

18                Formation II

22                Ongoing Formation

27        Accountability

33        Resources     

                        Links of Essential Resources

41        Articles

43                    Discernment of OCDS Vocation

51                    The Beatitudes as Integral Part of the Promise

69                    Scriptural Meditation

75                    Our First Duties as Carmelites

77                    Some Thoughts on the First Steps

79                    Impediments to Joining the Secular Order

81                    Saying No When the Call to Carmel is Lacking

83                    Discernment

93 A-1             Vows in the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites

93 A-9             Writing a Syllabus

93 A-12            Writing a Lesson Plan

93 A-21            Practical Application of Lectio Divina for Carmelites

93 A-25            Study and the OCDS

95        Tools for Use in Formation

97                    Principles for Leading Discussions

99                    Teaching Methods and Principles for Developing Assignments

101                   Models for Assignments

103                              Sample Fill-in-the-Blank Questions

109                              Sample Open-Ended Questions

123                  Excerpts from Canadian OCDS Manual of Formation

125                              Aspirant’s Self-Help Evaluation Sheet

126                              Self-Evaluation

128                              Points that Councillors May Want to Consider

129                              Guidelines for All Interviews

135                  Creative Adaptations

139                  Portrait of Successful Formation

               Organization Charts

149                              Map

150                              Inter-Provincial Council

151                              OCDS

152                              OCD Friars

153                  Liturgy of the Hours Instructions

156                              Liturgy of the Hours Card

156 A-1,2        Practical Application of Lectio Divina for Groups and Individuals

157                  Sample Forms

159                          Roster

160                          Ceremonies Tracking Form

161                          Attendance Record

162                          Formation Assignments

                       Formation Tracking Forms

163                              Aspirancy

165                              Formation I Year 1

166                              Formation I Year 2

167                              Formation II Year 1

168                              Formation II Year 2

169                              Formation II Year 3

170                      Formation Report

                   Formation Review Forms

171                              Aspirancy

172                              Formation I

173                              Formation II

175         Bibliography

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